Hoops and Hope

Imani McGee-Stafford is our bold leader. She is a current WNBA center for the Dallas Wings and has had this vision since she began her professional playing career.  Her goal in life is to be the person she needed when she was younger and through Hoops and Hope she hopes to provide programming to help kids with similar stories and backgrounds as her.

Why we Exist

To promote arts & athletics

We believe that kids are often forced to be either/or when it is both necessary and possible to exist in the grey area. We believe arts and athletics both play different but equally important roles in childhood development. Our founder is a living example of being able to thrive in both arts and athletics by being both a professional basketball player and a published poet. ​

Age appropriate conversations about mental health and sexual education, abuse, and violence

The goal is to open the dialogue starting as early as third grade about these important issues with children so that as they get older and these topics become more complicated and tangible they feel comfortable talking through it with the adults in their lives.

Breaking the school to prison pipeline through therapy

Inner-city children, especially those of color, are often criminalized and marked as “bad children” because they act out and are not given the proper care nor time to get to the root of their behavior. This is often due to lack of resources in the neighborhoods and schools that they attend. By partnering with the school, we want to provide cost free therapy to students deemed at risk via their behavior with the goal to reroute their future by giving them the extra attention they need.

Support the cause

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